End of January

Hello my beautiful friends!

I’m here once again. Have been working. I have been thinking about blogging every day. Don’t even know why I haven’t blogged earlier. Bur here I am now. Work has been quiet. I think it’s because it’s the end of a month. The day after tomorrow will be payday so that is nice. Bought myself Michael Kors earrings for only 29€and I love them. They are original if you are wondering just secondhand.

Saturday my workmate told me about socks she bought. she told me that when they come to the shop then all the socks will be gone whit minutes. People order the socks from the shop and they wait in line. Crazy story if you ask me but it is the truth. So the point is that I browsed ebay and found these socks there also. And the price is 1.20€. So we went crazy and ordered some colors and then we found one offer where you get 10 pairs just for 1.91€ so we ordered that also and we will split them. I know that it’s really random but just look at them: befunky-collage
I also got a present from my friend. It’s a book by Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. I read the book only in 3 hours and I loved it. It was really good book and I thank my friend for it. tumblr_ojx8d7daeu1uwojpvo1_500

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New year resolutions

I had an idea today to write about my new year promises. To be fair I didn’t give any to start with. Now I have thought what would be nice to do differently this year. I just look back to the previous year and think what I didn’t do enough. So here I go.

  1. Blog more.
  2. Be more active on Tumblr.
  3. Photograph more.
  4. Design and tailor more.

The reason I want to blog more here is that in the end of the year I have a place where I can look back to the ending year. So this blog really isn’t about being super entertaining and gather followers. It is about being real and being myself. But if people like me and want to follow my blog it would make me happy.

I love Tumblr. I have few accounts and I have been active there, but this year work took much of my time. This year I promise to be better. untitled

Photographing is something I really love. Nature and flowers are my favorite to photograph. I fell in love with photographing in 2015. I have always loved it but then I really fell in love. Thanks to one person i respect still. This year I want to photograph even more and develop them on paper. I love pictures on paper it really makes a different. dsc_0727

I don’t know if I have mentioned I have a degree in fashion. I am a Tailor Stylist. I  have a skill to make patterns and sew everything. Blouses, pants,skirts, dresses, jackets, coats etc. This year I really want to look into it and design more. I work in a nice place where I can sell everything I make. Now I have some jewellery there like earrings and bracelets but I want to make more. dsc_0077dsc_0945

So this is it for now.


So I’m back! I made myself new year promise that I will blog more. I don’t know how it will go but I will give my best. What would be best day for starting again than my birthday. Today I turned 24. Had a little party with relatives. Eating candy now and bloging here and tumblr. Got so nice white and pink roses and they smell so good. It’s really rare that roses have good scent. Today don’t have much to writte but maybe next time. Now I will add some pictures I took today.




Hi guys!

I have been really busy few days. We bought a new car and went on a trip. Funny thing is that we drove through over 500 km but I took only few pictures. The weather here in Estonia is very bipolar. We started with spring, then we saw winter and then autumn and little of summer. Like what? Overall the trip was nice. Ate some tasty food and listened good music. DSC_0027 (2)DSC_0017 (2).jpg

Some days before I had a trip also. Well that was interesting. Went to the beach what was really nice but I also went into the woods. I wanted to see a boulder. It’s a rock that is really big. So when I went deeper in the forest  I heard somebody shouting. It was a  Russian man. He was really wrathful and trampled with his feet. So I didn’t see the rock because I didn’t want to pass by him. Maybe next time… What did you do this weekend?DSC_1762 (2)

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Light blue

Who doesn’t like light blue? I know that I do. But you know what? I don’t have anything in light blue. How sad is that? Next thing I will buy is in that color. It all started with this blue bag that has rabbit on it. I just fell in love and I thought I need to make an outfit with it.

So for the fist outfit I found this cute bag with a rabbit and I knew I needed also same color jeans. When the bag and jeans were funky I needed something to balance it out but still be girly. I think it goes really well together.


Top-Self- Portrait  Jeans-Stella McCartney Bag-M&S Heels-New Look Watch-Christian Paul

The second outfit is this summery light blue dress. First I found the bag to go with it and I have always thought that light blue and baby pink go well together. So I found these heels and added some baby pink accessories. What do you think?


Dress-Pixiemarket Bag-Kurt Geiger Heels– Chloe Gosselin

For third outfit I found this super cute skirt with lovely black hearts. I think it goes really well together with the simple black blouse. So I needed some shoes and bag. If I already was going with the light blue team then I knew what to do. I really like this kind of blue shade and I just adore these earrings. So sassy! Perfect outfit for lunch or a date.


Skirt-Alice+Olivia Heart Blouse-Not your bae  Bag-YSL

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Summer outfits

I wanted to style some outfits for summer nights and gatherings and why not share them with you also. Maybe you can get some inspiration from them. I wanted to style one outfit that is modest but stylish and use minimal colors. Second outfit I wanted to have a modest foundation but with some accent. With third one I wanted to go all the way. Well why not? Sometimes you just need that little kick of something extra.

First outfit has simple black top, shoes, bag and earrings. Accent for this outfit is the skirt. It’s really flowing and has nice light colors. It makes the outfit very feminine in seconds. The blue coat compliments the skirt with its color and keeps you warm at those nights. As your minimal with the jewelry then those earrings are the perfect choice whit that bag.


Skirt – Chicwish  Top – Honey Couture  Coat – Lookbook Store Bag – Saint Laurent
Shoes -Prada  Earrings – Tom Ford 

Second outfit is for sexy woman who knows what she is worth for. Nude top with those feminine black pants and for balance nude heels. Now we have the base, lets give it some kick. This vintage jacket is really good for giving some accent to your outfit. And for balance earrings and bag.  Now your outfit is finished. Even when you take the jacket off your outfit is still complete.


Top– Balmain Pants – Roksanda Shoes – Valentino Jacket – Vintage Earrings – Eye Candy Bag – Dolce & Gabbana

Third outfit is when you want to be really sexy and confident. The dress doesn’t show any chest or hands. You could think it isn’t sexy at all but you know what…it shows your legs. With right heels you are the sexiest woman ever walked on this earth.  Hair should be put up because with this dress loose hair isn’t nice. Thous earrings will give just that little something. Bag should be black and gold to balance it with your earrings. Then you have black, red, black, red…perfect!


Dress – Stella Jean Comandante Shoes – Oscar de la Renta Earrings – Dolce & Gabbana Bag- Chanel

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Yesterday I thought I don’t have any pictures of my favorite jewelry. So to fix this problem I took some pictures outside and why not to add some of them here also. One day it’s nice to look back and see what  I liked.

All my earrings are from Estonian jewelry maker Nard (Jana Einard). I worked for her when I studied fashion. At Christmas she gave me five pairs of her earrings for gift. Before I even knew her I had three pairs.


With bracelets there is this funny thing that I hate wearing them. I really love them but they distract me. Now i found some that are firmly around the arm. I have few more I like but they are at my other place so I didn’t have opportunity to capture them.

At the first picture the bigger one and the blue one my grandmother gave me. Black one is from my bf. The one with cross is from my best friend brought me from Croatia. Purple is amethyst and I bought it from one esoteric shop.


Also I like brooches. I don’t wear them a lot but I really like them. My favorite is the one with the cat. Also in this picture there is one necklace with a unicorn. DSC_1730DSC_1739

I also like crystals. I use them for healing but I would like to talk about it another time. DSC_1745

This is it for now. How did you like the post?