New year resolutions

I had an idea today to write about my new year promises. To be fair I didn’t give any to start with. Now I have thought what would be nice to do differently this year. I just look back to the previous year and think what I didn’t do enough. So here I go.

  1. Blog more.
  2. Be more active on Tumblr.
  3. Photograph more.
  4. Design and tailor more.

The reason I want to blog more here is that in the end of the year I have a place where I can look back to the ending year. So this blog really isn’t about being super entertaining and gather followers. It is about being real and being myself. But if people like me and want to follow my blog it would make me happy.

I love Tumblr. I have few accounts and I have been active there, but this year work took much of my time. This year I promise to be better. untitled

Photographing is something I really love. Nature and flowers are my favorite to photograph. I fell in love with photographing in 2015. I have always loved it but then I really fell in love. Thanks to one person i respect still. This year I want to photograph even more and develop them on paper. I love pictures on paper it really makes a different. dsc_0727

I don’t know if I have mentioned I have a degree in fashion. I am a Tailor Stylist. I  have a skill to make patterns and sew everything. Blouses, pants,skirts, dresses, jackets, coats etc. This year I really want to look into it and design more. I work in a nice place where I can sell everything I make. Now I have some jewellery there like earrings and bracelets but I want to make more. dsc_0077dsc_0945

So this is it for now.


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