End of January

Hello my beautiful friends!

I’m here once again. Have been working. I have been thinking about blogging every day. Don’t even know why I haven’t blogged earlier. Bur here I am now. Work has been quiet. I think it’s because it’s the end of a month. The day after tomorrow will be payday so that is nice. Bought myself Michael Kors earrings for only 29€and I love them. They are original if you are wondering just secondhand.

Saturday my workmate told me about socks she bought. she told me that when they come to the shop then all the socks will be gone whit minutes. People order the socks from the shop and they wait in line. Crazy story if you ask me but it is the truth. So the point is that I browsed ebay and found these socks there also. And the price is 1.20€. So we went crazy and ordered some colors and then we found one offer where you get 10 pairs just for 1.91€ so we ordered that also and we will split them. I know that it’s really random but just look at them: befunky-collage
I also got a present from my friend. It’s a book by Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. I read the book only in 3 hours and I loved it. It was really good book and I thank my friend for it. tumblr_ojx8d7daeu1uwojpvo1_500

So this is it for now. Thank you for reading and if you have ideas what I should write about then leave a comment and you can also say just Hi.