Yesterday I thought I don’t have any pictures of my favorite jewelry. So to fix this problem I took some pictures outside and why not to add some of them here also. One day it’s nice to look back and see what  I liked.

All my earrings are from Estonian jewelry maker Nard (Jana Einard). I worked for her when I studied fashion. At Christmas she gave me five pairs of her earrings for gift. Before I even knew her I had three pairs.


With bracelets there is this funny thing that I hate wearing them. I really love them but they distract me. Now i found some that are firmly around the arm. I have few more I like but they are at my other place so I didn’t have opportunity to capture them.

At the first picture the bigger one and the blue one my grandmother gave me. Black one is from my bf. The one with cross is from my best friend brought me from Croatia. Purple is amethyst and I bought it from one esoteric shop.


Also I like brooches. I don’t wear them a lot but I really like them. My favorite is the one with the cat. Also in this picture there is one necklace with a unicorn. DSC_1730DSC_1739

I also like crystals. I use them for healing but I would like to talk about it another time. DSC_1745

This is it for now. How did you like the post?



Gardening time

Today was such a beautiful and and sunny day. So there was no excuse not to go outside and do something in the garden. I took all my plants outside and planted them into new pots so they can grow bigger. I have a problem with one of the flowers. They are growing too fast. Oh well..


Spring is so beautiful time. Everything grows and has a new chance for life. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


Tomorrow I need to wash the windows and maybe do something in the garden again.

I hope  all of you  can have some time in nature.