So I’m back! I made myself new year promise that I will blog more. I don’t know how it will go but I will give my best. What would be best day for starting again than my birthday. Today I turned 24. Had a little party with relatives. Eating candy now and bloging here and tumblr. Got so nice white and pink roses and they smell so good. It’s really rare that roses have good scent. Today don’t have much to writte but maybe next time. Now I will add some pictures I took today.




Gardening time

Today was such a beautiful and and sunny day. So there was no excuse not to go outside and do something in the garden. I took all my plants outside and planted them into new pots so they can grow bigger. I have a problem with one of the flowers. They are growing too fast. Oh well..


Spring is so beautiful time. Everything grows and has a new chance for life. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


Tomorrow I need to wash the windows and maybe do something in the garden again.

I hope  all of you  can have some time in nature.