Hi guys!

I have been really busy few days. We bought a new car and went on a trip. Funny thing is that we drove through over 500 km but I took only few pictures. The weather here in Estonia is very bipolar. We started with spring, then we saw winter and then autumn and little of summer. Like what? Overall the trip was nice. Ate some tasty food and listened good music. DSC_0027 (2)DSC_0017 (2).jpg

Some days before I had a trip also. Well that was interesting. Went to the beach what was really nice but I also went into the woods. I wanted to see a boulder. It’s a rock that is really big. So when I went deeper in the forest  I heard somebody shouting. It was a  Russian man. He was really wrathful and trampled with his feet. So I didn’t see the rock because I didn’t want to pass by him. Maybe next time… What did you do this weekend?DSC_1762 (2)

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Gardening time

Today was such a beautiful and and sunny day. So there was no excuse not to go outside and do something in the garden. I took all my plants outside and planted them into new pots so they can grow bigger. I have a problem with one of the flowers. They are growing too fast. Oh well..


Spring is so beautiful time. Everything grows and has a new chance for life. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


Tomorrow I need to wash the windows and maybe do something in the garden again.

I hope  all of you  can have some time in nature.